I’m typically known for my short speculative fiction. Occasionally I step out of the fiction arena when the mood strikes, and my story ‘An As Yet Untitled Tale From A Titty Bar’ is my first serious attempt at creative non-fiction. Let’s face it, normally there’s not a whole lot in my life that’s interesting, let alone interesting enough to subject an audience to, but this story was worth telling.

Cue the obligatory marketing blurb:

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Your first visit to a strip club?

We all remember our first time… some of us even write about it.

‘An As Yet Untitled Tale From A Titty Bar’ is an often humorous and occasionally insightful journey into the mind of an uninspired writer desperate to step out of his comfort zone and take the concept of ‘write what you know’ to a whole new level – by visiting his first strip club. Ever wondered what a male thinks about while he’s drowning in a sea of fake breasts and terrible electronica? Ever wondered if a male thinks at all? Wipe down your stripper poles and prepare for a dose of warped creative non-fiction from Australian author Jamie Richter.

The eBook is only 99 cents – that’s a guaranteed couple of hours worth of laughs for less than a buck. Some people waste thousands of dollars on a Psychology degree for an insight into the male brain but here you are getting it for next to nothing!

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Like I said, this is my first real attempt at creative non-fiction, and also my first attempt at self-publishing in electronic format. I guess it’s a bit of an experiment for the future. Who knows, you might see a full-length novel out and about on Amazon in the future? If you do decide to take the plunge and read ‘An As Yet Untitled Tale From A Titty Bar’, please feel free to give it a review. Good, bad, whatever – as long as you leave an honest review!