It’s a brand new year and funnily enough a brand new story published… our man Ion over at AntipodeanSF is always on the ball.  That’s right folks, my latest short story ‘When The Alphabet Vomits On A Birth Certificate’ appears in the current issue of AntipodeanSF (#163). In short it’s basically a thinly-veiled jab at my hatred for the modern trend of creatively naming children. You know what I’m talking about – making-up stupid names, or even worse, taking perfectly good names and spelling them in some monstrous manner in which no normal person could possibly pronounce with any confidence. I could go on a thousand word rant just on this subject alone, but I’ll spare you all from it. While I’m not sure what the coming year will hold for me in terms of writing and being published, it certainly is a great way to start 2012!